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Adah Sharma
Adah Sharma

Adah Sharma


Who hasn’t heard of the adorable curly-haired girl whose most recent film has become the most popular nationwide? If you don’t even know her, don’t worry; we’ll be here to share the inspirational tale of actress Adah Sharma, who has been prominently featured in several sectors for several years. Please read more about her wiki, bio, career, and other fascinating things.

Adah Sharma: who is she?

Indian actress Adah Sharma is well-known for her on-screen presence in the Hindi and Telugu film industries. She began her career in horror movies, and her most recent film has catapulted her into the spotlight.

Early years and ambitions: On May 11, 1992, actress Adah Sharma was born. Her family was a Hindu Tamil Brahmin, which shaped her upbringing. Due to her father’s employment in the Indian Merchant Navy, Adah traveled frequently. 

According to the study, Adah had a strong interest in a profession in movies from a young age and decided to pursue acting as a career after finishing her schooling.

Background in Education of Adah Sharma

Sharma decided to work in Indian Bollywood when she was in the tenth grade. Her parents, however, preferred that she finish college before working in the film industry. After completing her 12th board exams at Bandra’s Auxilium Convent High School, she started working in the film industry.

Adah Sharma was born to her parents in 1992, making her a young woman. She was raised in Bandra, where she was born. She is currently 31 years old as of this date. 

Adah Sharma is the precise tallest person in her family because she is from a place with more mountains. She stands at 5 feet 7 inches, which is the tallest height. Her tall stature makes her look stunning in any attire.

Adah Sharma’s weight: A fitness enthusiast, she keeps in excellent physical shape. She has increased her body weight to 53kg after daily activity. This diva has taken on a gorgeous physique that attracts spectators. 

Regarding her physical appearance:

 She is stunning, considering her tall height and fit form. She also has captivating black eyes and black hair that is curled. Let us inform you that Adah’s curly hair at the start of her profession led to harsh criticism.

Due to her hair’s texture, she was turned down for numerous auditions.

Adah Sharma’s family: 

According to research, actress Adah Sharma was reared by her mother, Sheila Sharma, and father, S.L. Sharma. She was born into a Tamil Brahmin family. The Sharma family was originally from Madurai, Tamil Nadu but dispersed throughout India due to employment needs.

Her mother is from the Malathey, dispersed throughout India due to the employment needs of all communities, and is an Indian Classical dancer, while her father, MR. S.L. Sharma was a member of the Indian Merchant Navy who gave his life in 2014. She has also received training in Mallakhamba yoga.

Adah was born to her parents as an only child; she has no siblings or other family members. She has no brothers or sisters. She practices Hinduism as her faith.

Adah Sharma’s professional aspirations: Adah decided to pursue acting during her time in school. Despite their opposition to finishing her education before working in the film industry, Adah’s parents persuaded her. 

Adah began holding auditions for several ad companies and movies after passing her 12th board. She couldn’t achieve her goals back then because of her young age and curly hair.

Breakthrough and middle career:

In 1920, while she was still having a hard time, she was cast as the lead in a Hindi horror film made by Bhatt.

Her performance was praised for being superb. In 2009, she won a Filmfare award for best debut actress.

Adah Sharma’s professional aspirations:

Adah decided to pursue acting while in school, but her parents persuaded her to finish school before entering the film industry.


  • Adah Sharma has accumulated a net worth of approximately $1 million.  
  • Adah Sharma has some unknown traits, including her prowess at belly dancing.
  • Additionally, she practices Silmbam.
  • She speaks Hindi and Marathi quite well.
  • Adah Sharma only eats vegetarian food. 
  • The Malayali Palakkad Iyer family is her lineage.
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