DJ Diplo: Accused of giving a fan an STD during AIDS controversy

DJ Diplo

The American DJ Diplo has recently come under fire because he is accused of giving a fan sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) at a time when there is a lot of talk about AIDS.

Sloan Hooks talked to a fan on a recent episode of the Let’s Get Into It Podcast. The fan told Sloan something shocking about her experience with Diplo. The person being interviewed said she got STDs from the DJ.


She said Diplo always compared his strict STD testing to a star. She didn’t use contraceptives because he didn’t have infections.

After the host asked how she knew DJ gave her STDs, she said he was the only person she had been sexually intimate with without birth control.

She was afraid of Diplo’s reaction when she mentioned STDs, so she didn’t blame him for the infection.


She also discussed her chlamydia diagnosis. She broke out in a rash and felt uncomfortable after her first sexual encounter with DJ.

Immediately after the shocking news, TheTeaTalk’s official page posted a podcast video.

“Uh, gross!” captions the post. DJ #Diplo allegedly gives fans STDs and V cards. An unlucky fan told #sloanhooks about her terrible experience with the famous DJ on his #letsgetintoit podcast.


TheTeaTalk followers and fans commented immediately on the post. They said, “I believe her, to be honest.”

Another commenter said, “Diplo is well-known in the industry for allegedly going after young Black women and pressuring them to do things for their careers, which he often pays for or does for money.”

DJ’s sexual health has had issues before. TikTok influencer Shelly Auguste recently said that the DJ got close to many girls without protecting them, including herself, and that he may have given HIV/AIDS to many of them.

Viral Video Witness

Auguste discussed her time with Diplo in a viral 4:19 video. A year or two ago, she read about a girl who came out and said she had AIDS. Auguste believed the girl’s close relationship with DJ caused her AIDS.

He also intentionally gave another person an STD, according to the complaint. This is a serious accusation.

Back then, Diplo posted a long message to defend himself against what was being said about him. However, he hasn’t mentioned giving the women STDs.


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