Does Optus represent the best option for your NBN connection?


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Searching for the ideal residential internet service can take a lot of work. Optus is a well-known brand in Australia and is frequently mentioned. Optus, one of the nation’s largest NBN providers, offers various options to assist you in making an educated decision. Let’s investigate them.

New NBN Connections:

 If this is your first time having the NBN, an Optus technician will visit your home. Depending on the available connection technology at your home. The installation procedure may vary, but it often entails installing an NBN utility box outside and a connection box inside. There won’t often be any unforeseen expenses for the installation.

Optus NBN Plans:

Optus, a significant telecommunications company, provides a selection of NBN plans. They provide four different levels of internet speed: 50 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 240 Mbps, and 400 Mbps. All plans include unlimited data; you may choose month-to-month contracts with low setup fees. The number of users and the types of online activities you perform will determine which speed tier is best for you. Consulting an expert can offer more advice if you need more clarification.

Here are a few Optus NBN plans to take into account:

Up to 50Mbps Standard Plus Evening speed with Unlimited Data with NBN Optus Plus Family Entertainer, $89 monthly.

Fixed line NBN 50TM Ultra WiFi Booster

Netflix’s basic package

$557 is the price, which includes a $0 start-up charge, a $252 modem, a $216 booster, and a $10 credit for the Intro Offer.

Optus Plus every day Fast NBN for $99 per month: up to 100Mbps Standard Plus Evening Speed Unlimited Data

Fixed NBN 50TM Line

A $252 modem is included in the $331 minimum price, and there is no start-up fee.

Bundles & Add-ons: Optus offers extras to add to your selected speed tier to customize your plan to meet your unique requirements.

 Here are a few possibilities:

Bring your modem or purchase an Optus modem as part of your plan to use the Ultra WiFi Modem and Booster. Faster speeds, more coverage, and a 4G backup are all features of the WiFi 6 modem, offering continuous connectivity. The modem is also made sustainably with 95% recycled plastics.

  • WiFi Secure: Optus allows you to add a McAfee Global membership to your budget internet packages. This protects against malware, dangerous websites, and hackers for your NBN-connected devices. McAfee actively analyzes your online activities in real-time to reduce potential dangers.
  • Optus Sport: All new, reasonably priced NBN connections come with free access to Optus Sport. It gives you access to domestic and international sports, including the English Premier League, J League, Women’s Super League, and international football. You can watch material on the go using the app or your set-top box (if one is part of your plan). 
  • Optus SubHub: With the SubHub function, Optus subscribers can easily access all their apps from a single spot. You can save 5% for two subscription services and 10% for three or more when you bundle them with SubHub.
  • Optus provides the Game Path add-on, determining the quickest route to the servers hosting your game. An average reduction in lag of 30% and an average reduction in jitter of 70% leads to a smoother gaming experience.
  • Optus Fetch: You may access free-to-air television with the Fetch Mini or Fetch Mighty set-top box, set recordings, use your preferred streaming services, and rent or buy shows and movies. Additional material, including kids’ channels, sports, music, comedies, and movies, can be unlocked by adding Premium Channel Packs, which start at just $6 per month.
  • The Optus Data Breach: If you’re worried about the cyberattack in October 2022, it’s important to know that Optus has taken many steps to address the issue. Sharing their knowledge raises the bar for cybersecurity in Australia, providing affected customers with credits and identity monitoring options. Adding cybersecurity tools to the My Optus app. Enabling Digital ID verification, investing in online safety education for Australian families, and supporting cyber security innovation in top universities.

The large selection of NBN plans, tempting add-ons, and affordable prices offered by this Internet ensure that a plan meets your home’s Internet demands and budget. But it’s important to remember that Optus isn’t the only service provider. Consider contacting a reputable comparison site like CheapBills if you’re seeking an in-depth analysis of phone and internet services without any fees or inconvenience. They can help you narrow down a selection of recommended suppliers until you find the ideal match.


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