The Latest APM Salary Survey

APM Salary Survey

If you’re considering a career in project management or aiming to advance your current position, staying informed about industry trends and compensation is essential. The Association for Project Management (APM) has been a valuable resource for project professionals, offering insights into the field, certifications like APM Course, and the latest industry salary trends. In this blog post, we’ll explore the significance of the APM Salary Survey and how it can help you make informed career decisions. 

Table of Contents 

  • Understanding APM Salary Survey 
  • Why the APM Salary Survey Matters 
  • Key Findings from the Latest APM Salary Survey 
  • Salary Growth 
  • Certification Matters 
  • Regional Variations 
  • Industry-Specific Data 
  • Experience Counts 
  • Using APM Salary Survey Data to Your Advantage 
  • Negotiation Power 
  • Career Planning 
  • Professional Development 
  • Conclusion 


Understanding the APM Salary Survey  

The APM Salary Survey is a thorough investigation of the financial prospects of the project management profession. It’s a great resource for learning about the average salaries, job titles, and pay drivers for project professionals in different industries and locations. The study is done frequently, making it an up-to-date and credible tool for analysing industry trends.  

Why the APM Salary Survey Matters  

The APM Salary Survey has several advantages for novice and experienced project managers.  

  1. It’s a great tool for comparing your wage to similar professionals in your field. This data will prove priceless if you negotiate a raise or explore a career move.  
  2. It’s helpful to know how much money you may make in your chosen job. It’s possible to arrange one’s profession and life in light of reasonable financial objectives.  
  3. The survey’s regional salary data will allow you to weigh the role of location in pay. If you’re willing to move around, this will be extremely helpful.  
  4. The poll provides income data segmented by industries, including information technology, building, healthcare, and more. By doing so, you may better connect your professional goals with industries that pay well.  
  5. If you’ve completed an APM Course or any other related certifications, the survey might help you understand the financial impact of your efforts.  

Key Findings from the Latest APM Salary Survey  

Here are some highlights from the most recent APM Salary Survey to give you a taste of the information it contains:  

Salary Growth  

The study results showed that project management wages are on the rise. This encouraging development is due, in part, to the rising need for competent project managers and the resulting spotlight on project success.  

Certification Matters  

There was a discernible pattern that showed how qualifications helped boost pay for project managers. Those who have earned industry-recognised credentials like the APM Course or the PMP are paid more than their non-certified peers. This highlights the value of investing in training and credentials to advance your career and income.  

Regional Variations  

It was found that there were substantial differences in salary based on location. It is common for project managers in large metropolitan locations to earn more than their rural or suburban colleagues. If you are willing to relocate for work, this data will be useful in your job search and career planning.  

Industry-Specific Data  

The poll also delved into industry-specific wage statistics. Project managers in the IT industry, for instance, often earn more than their counterparts in the construction industry or the charitable sector. If you’re interested in a career in project management, it’s important to know the differences across industries.  

Experience Counts  

The poll revealed, unsurprisingly, that experience is a major factor in pay. Project managers with greater experience earn more than those just starting in the field. It stresses the significance of lifelong learning and professional development for success in one’s chosen field.  

Using APM Salary Survey Data to Your Advantage  

Here’s how you can put the results of the APM Salary Survey to good use now that you know what the survey found.  

Negotiation Power  

With the survey results, you may confidently negotiate your pay or a job offer, particularly if you have relevant qualifications like the Agile Project Management Foundation Course (APM). It might help you reject offers that don’t meet minimum wage requirements or negotiate a better salary elsewhere.   

Career Planning  

Make your professional decisions based on this information. Think about how things like credentials, experience, and location affect your earning potential. This data may help you make educated choices about jobs and ways to develop your career.  

Professional Development  

The report emphasises the value of certifications and lifelong education to increase earnings. The return on investment for taking an APM Course or getting other related certifications might be substantial.  


Professionals in project management at any point in their careers might benefit from perusing the results of the APM Salary Survey. It’s a must-read for anybody interested in the state of their field, wage standards, or the value of credentials like the APM Course. If you want a successful and satisfying career as a project manager, keeping up with compensation trends is vital for career planning, negotiation, and decision-making. 

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