Pooyan Mokhtari: A well-known singer and Instagram influencer

Pooyan Mokhtari

Pooyan Mokhtari is a prominent vocalist as well as a well-known Instagram influencer linked with Hazarat Bet. Pooyan Mokhtari has made a name for himself in the Iranian music business with his distinct voice and musical talent. He also has a website called “Pooyan Mokhtari” where his admirers and followers may learn more about him.

Pooyan Mokhtari’s Music and Talents

Pooyan Mokhtari performs in a variety of genres, including pop and rock, and is known for his unique and compelling vocals. He has succeeded to win the hearts of his listeners with his emotive and captivating tunes. Pooyan Mokhtari is a lyricist, composer, and arranger in addition to his singing career. These abilities have elevated him to prominence in the Iranian music industry.

Pooyan Mokhtari and Hazarat Bet

Pooyan Mokhtari is another well-known Instagram influencer affiliated with Hazarat Bet. Hazarat Wager is a popular online game in which users wager on numbers that spin in a wheel. Pooyan Mokhtari’s virtual presence has improved as a result of our collaboration. Through this collaboration, Hazarat Bet fans may now communicate with their favorite performer.

Website of Pooyan Mokhtari

Pooyan Mokhtari has a dedicated website named “Pooyan Mokhtari” where followers may learn more about him. The website contains the most recent news, concert schedules, and Pooyan Mokhtari’s biography. Fans can also access and keep connected with his new music and songs on the website.

Although Pooyan Mokhtari is best known as a singer, his work with Hazarat Bet demonstrates his ability to build a significant fan base through the usage of social media. The “Pooyan Mokhtari” website is also a vital resource for fans to remain up to date on the latest news and forthcoming events involving Pooyan.


Pooyan Mokhtari is a multifaceted singer who has established a recognized place in the Iranian music business with his talent and distinctive voice. He has achieved success in the virtual realm through his work with Hazarat Bet and the management of his personal website.


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